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Oak Pellet Fuels — Chimney Services in Colorado Springs, CO
Pellet Fuel Pricing Offers
2018 Season
We are offering Pennington Oak and Lignetics Lodge Pole Pine Pellets for $6.65 per 40 lb. bag

** Pricing subject to change valid for 2018 season **

Some of the products available include:
  • Chimney Caps of All Types & Sizes
  • Chimney Systems (Class A Woodburning, B-vent Gas, L-vent Pellet)
  • Pellet & Woodburning Stoves (Freestanding & Fireplace Insert)
  • Pellet & Wood Stove Parts
  • Oak Pellet Fuels
  • Fireplace Accessories
Fireplace — Chimney Services in Colorado Springs, CO
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