Since 1990, we have been cleaning and repairing chimneys with our No Mess process. Ask about any of our services; we want to help.
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Our services include:
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Typically, chimney inspections are completed when the chimney has not been used for a long time or ... Read more
A standard cleaning ensures the removal of flammable creosote from the fireplace system (chimney flue, smoke shelf/chamber, damper area, firebox and cap).
Masonry repairs are necessary if there are loose bricks in your chimney. The main purpose for re-pointing is to make a chimney safer and stronger. It is also done for aesthetic purposes.
Chimney crowns and chase tops are covers that protect your entire chimney system from the elements. A chimney crown is a masonry layer that covers the top of your chimney. It prevents water from ... Read more
Flashing Repairs
Flashing is usually made of steel, aluminum, or copper and is found around the base of the chimney that meets the roof. While flashing waterproofs the seal between the roof and chimney, leaks often ... Read more
We fix any cracks, loose bricks, or gaps in the mortar of your fireplace firebox. It is not safe to use your fireplace if there is deterioration in the firebox.
Many older chimneys were built without flue liners. Never use a chimney that has not been properly lined. The lining protects your chimney from further erosion and your home from any gas leaks. We ... Read more
Caps help keep out rain, ice, snow, animals, leaves, and other debris. Chimney caps also prevent downdrafts (when smoke from the fireplace does not exit properly). Dampers stop heat from escaping up ... Read more
We can help you choose the system that's right for you, provide it at a competitive price and professionally install it in your home. Call us to find out more.
We remove any animals (in a safe and humane way) that may have made a home in your chimney.
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Prevent a dryer fire and save on your energy bill by getting your dryer vents checked and cleaned, if necessary. If it is taking you longer than usual to dry your clothes, your dryer vent may be ... Read more
If you have a chimney problem not listed, please call us anyway! We'll try to solve your problem or direct you to another professional who can help.
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